A tour of Web-schema

To see a list of contexts, surf to http://localhost/web-schema.rb?act=contexts:

Create a new context called "test", which then shows the new context:

Fill in the connection details for the database and submit the form to store them. The view remains the same. Then create a new diagram called "test", which shows:

The entities found in the database are piled on top of one another because they have not yet been given a place on the diagram. Drag the entities around the diagram to give them a place:

The "entities" link shows a list of the entities in the database:

Click on an entity to toggle its presence on the diagram, then click on one of the remaining entities to see its attributes:

Clicking on the attributes toggle their presence on the diagram. All the "id" attributes have been removed here:

When new tables and/or columns are created in the database and the view is refreshed then they appear on the diagram until explicitly hidden or allowed to remain: